Business SOS is here to help business owners, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs and wannabe business creators.

We aim to give tips, share experience, provide tools and insights into everything from saving your business from ruin to scaling your business and eventually selling your business (if this is in your grand scheme).

Why are we doing this?

  • Because we’ve been through the roller coaster ride of owning and running businesses, and have the grey hairs to show for it
  • Because we could have benefitted from a one-stop blog talking through a range of business topics, promoting an outside-look into your business and in an easy to read (hopefully entertaining) format
  • And because, from the roller coaster ride, and everything else, we have a lot of knowledge we want to share to help at least one business owner!

So who are we?

Bizzy Elliot

Energetic, exciting, light on her toes and here to talk about the creative side of business. Also keen on sustainability, Bizzy is writing to help you think outside the box, on the bigger picture and to come up with creative ways of starting and running your business.

Bill Smith

The Fresh Prince of Financial Flair is here to talk all about the money side of business. Whether that’s managing the pennies when you’re starting, making the millions when you’re selling or talking the billions in the top companies, no matter what size business you are Bill is here to share learning from across them all and make it relevant to your business size.

Hans Solopreneur

Away from film and TV, Hans is here to talk the pros and cons, tips and tricks of running a business on your own to building a team around you.

Gary LinTicker

Sports fan and enjoys talking business from a gamification point of view, Gary wants to share how you can gamify your business experience to enjoy what you do and hit the results you are looking for. Includes his signature feature ‘Watch of The Day’ (stay tuned).

That’s the team, we hope you enjoy what Business SOS brings.

Thanks for reading.

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