You must be new here?

If you are new here and scanning through our first few blogs, Welcome.

We just wanted to set the scene for this site and why, if you fit the bill, you should be following our blog regularly.

We want to talk about, from direct experience;

  • coming up with new business ideas
  • which to follow
  • starting a brand new business, and all that entails
  • what to focus on (and what not to!)
  • sales, marketing, operations, finance, admin, HR
  • systems, processes, outsourcing, contractors, employees
  • what sites and services we’ve used and recommend
  • failures, successes, what we’d do again and differently
  • money management
  • saving, scaling, selling
  • and most importantly, what you want to hear about

So with all that in mind, say hi to us in the comments and let us know what you want to hear about when it comes to the entrepreneurial journey of having you very own business.

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