Week 10 #WOTD – Europe Favouring Vodafone over the London Stock Exchange

Vodafone (ticker VOD) had a stellar week thanks to its holdings in Vantage who plan to IPO and raise over €2 billion. Masts have become prime real estate with an ever growing need and Vantage plan on paying 60% of the recurring income their German masts generate as dividends to investors which should help them reach or exceed their target. Full story

Up 6.4% for the week, this pushes them into the top half of the table.

Prudential (ticker PRU) were second for the week with a 4.5% gain thanks to its commitment to Asian rather than US operations. Demerging from the US branch and focussing on the higher margin, faster growing Asia economy has proven a good decision according to the FTSE. Full story

HSBC (ticker HSBA – due to HSBC US using ‘HSBC’ just in case you were wondering) reduced their yearly gains with a 2.1% loss for the week thanks to bond yields and Covid! The banking sector as a whole continues to be hit by bond yields losing ground while an employee in their Hong Kong office tested positive for COVID-19 resulting in a floor wide evacuation. Full story

London Stock Exchange (LSEG) who, in case you didn’t know, provide financial markets infrastructure and data, did not have a great week. Down another 6%, this brings the years results to a 15.2% loss rooting them firmly at the bottom of the table. This seems to be due to its ‘temporary recognition’ until June to continue to service EU member banks following the UKs exit from the EU. Full story

What can SMEs take from this?

  1. Get in early to emerging markets and rising real estate
  2. Know your market – whether internationally or locally, know the economy of an area and where it is headed. Countries have plans, counties have plans and cities have plans – get to know your market
  3. Have back-up plans – if regulations change or markets move (UK leaving EU for example), have a back up plan. Know your business risks and have a thorough SWOT analysis.

League Table

Now to the all important league table.

BP, Glencore, Anglo American and Royal Dutch are storming the top of the league with over 20% growth, while 8 companies are lower than they started the year at.

PosCompanyWeekYTD Change
3Anglo American3.2%24.0%
4Royal Dutch Shell A1.6%21.2%
5Royal Dutch Shell B1.4%19.8%
8BHP Group-1.1%12.7%
9Lloyds Banking2.4%12.6%
10Vodafone Group PLC6.4%9.6%
11Rio Tinto PLC-1.9%5.0%
13British American Tobacco1.8%-1.7%
14National Grid1.6%-2.8%
17Reckitt Benckiser-1.3%-5.4%
20London Stock Exchange-6.0%-15.2%
Source: https://uk.investing.com/equities/united-kingdom

Who is going to lose it all?

Who is going to recover?

What do you think? Let us know in the comments.

Until next week.


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