Just a quick note for today.

When your business is profiting nicely, and you’re starting to look to diversify your income by adding additional income streams and investing comes to mind, I thought this Market Foolery podcast highlighted a great point :

Investing, no matter what investment you are making, always requires a certain measure of a leap of faith. And that leap of faith is going to be greater for some ideas than others. You just have to understand what kind of leap of faith you are taking and understand if it is something in line with what you can handle because these are businesses that are run by people and we [people] are not mistake free.

Podcast link: [MarketFoolery] Sister Jean, Investing, and the Leap of Faith #marketfoolery via @PodcastAddict

P.S. As a business owner and investor, Market Foolery and Rule Breaker Investing are two podcasts that should be regular listens

Bill Smith – The Fresh Prince of Financial Flair is here to talk all about the money side of business

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