Who should you hire first?

So you’ve come to the conclusion that there is far too much work for just yourself and you need some help.

Your to do list is getting longer and you’re finding yourself doing tasks you’d rather not do (as you don’t like it, are not good at it or your times better spent elsewhere).

Who do you hire first?

  • Do you go for a partner?
  • Do you get an assistant?
  • Or do you get a specialist?

To help you make a decision, you should consider:

  1. Your budget (general rule of thumb is a new hire should generate 3x their pay, but this takes time and isn’t always achieved as it depends on your business sector and size)
  2. Your unassigned tasks (those that should not be falling on your lap)
  3. Your network (who do you know that could work with you)
  4. Your location (do you need a physical or virtual presence)
  5. Your management and leadership skills (do you need experience or are you wanting to help develop someone)
  6. Your skills gap (similar to unassigned tasks, what skills do you need to bring in to the business to drive it forward)

Example: Edward Scissorhands – great hairdresser, not so good at using the computer

  1. Budget – currently taking an hour to write an email which he could be doing 2 cuts in. Currently spending 10 hours a week doing emails and admin is stacking up. Increase in income by having these covered would be £400 a week, giving a £1600 a month budget (and we’ve not even taken into account the savings in replacement keyboards!)
  2. Unassigned – emails and admin
  3. Network – Peg, Bill, Kevin, Kim and Jim!
  4. Location – don’t need a physical presence so virtual would work
  5. Leadership skills – years of isolation have lead to not the best people skills so experience will be needed
  6. Skills gap – typing!

So the aim would be to hire an assistant/admin role with experience, good writing skills and organisation, 20 hours a week (to do the tasks he was doing, plus those that weren’t), per hour max £1600/80 = £20, as its part time and first hire will look to go to an agency or hire someone on a self employed basis who are working with other clients (saving on other PAYE/HR costs). Would potentially approach Peg who already runs her Avon business so is organised, already trust and may have the spare time available.

Hopefully these give you a starting point for your first hire.

Have you hired your first person yet? If not, what has been stopping you?

Let us know in the comments.

Hans Solopreneur – Talking the pros and cons, tips and tricks of running a business on your own to building a team

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