Invest in the Future You Want

Did you know 30 of the FTSE100 have committed to net zero? Full Story

This got me thinking about one of the investing principles of Rule Breaker Investing that your investment portfolio should reflect the future you want to see.

So, whether you are investing in yourself, your business or in another business – are you investing in line with your long term values?

Why Align Investing With Your Values?

If you are investing for fun or to create wealth, when it comes to making investment decisions here are a few reasons for ensuring you give thought to your own values and the future you want to see for businesses and the world:

  • Long term – if you have a view on policies or products that you want to see more or less of (e.g. sustainable ways of running a business) then investing in a company that is committed to this will likely have long term plans in place that aim to meet yours/others expectations and therefore will become more valuable in yours/others eyes
  • Make Change – on a small or large scale, investing in line with your future shows you are willing to put your money where your mouth is and stand for what you see is right. This can help inspire others to do the same and help grow the business that champions this (whether your business or someone else’s)
  • Be Proud – even if the investment does not work out as profitable as you had hoped, you can still be proud that you made the right investment decision that helped progress your values and/or vision of the future.

What are some of the values you look for when investing?

Is it net zero, sustainable, charitable or something else? Let us know in the comments.

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