Public Accountability

Do you need some public accountability?

Setting big goals requires big accountability, especially if they are long term goals.

Boris Johnson just announced the UK’s improved carbon emissions reduction – down 78% by 2035 – and the common question back is how does the UK plan to tackle this? Full Story

The plans may not be fully fledged yet, however the point about public accountability is to get the BHAG (big hairy audacious goal) out there to show people you are committed and to start/continue/further conversations and plans.

Do you have a BHAG that you need to be held accountable to?

It may not need international attention, but it should generate the right amount of attention in accordance with the size of your project and goal.

Need more convincing? Here’s 3 more reasons to put your goal(s) out there:

  1. You don’t know who will see it – people like to help and if someone can help you achieve your goal (now that they actually know about your goal!) they might reach out and bring you one step closer
  2. If your goal requires more than just you, you will have started more conversation around the project to generate more progress
  3. And lastly, the added accountability will keep you motivated (especially if you are a solopreneur). Whether it pushes you to get something progressed last minute before you meet someone who you know is going to ask how it’s going, or you commit to providing regular updates on the project to keep motivation up each day/week/month – public accountability will keep you going.

So, the only thing to do now is tackle it head on (like Boris) and put your BHAG out there.

Hans Solopreneur – Talking the pros and cons, tips and tricks of running a business on your own to building a team

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