Global Running Day

Today is Global Running Day, the first Wednesday in June every year!

I love my running and ran this morning, yet I did not know this annual celebration was in the calendar.

This got me thinking – how many celebrations, events and/or key dates business owners are missing every year when it comes to their marketing?

‘Piggy-backing’ off of other news can help create relevant marketing material, openable and readable emails/blogs, and help you get ranked in search engines.

So, before you head out for your run today, here are some top tips to stay on top of your marketing calendar:

  1. Plan – diarise key dates. These can include local events, national celebrations, bank holidays and business anniversaries.
  2. Prepare – prepare your marketing material in advance to make the most out of the day. This could mean a series of emails in the lead up, or a big blog on the day – ensure you have got the content written (or at least planned in the time to do so on the day!)
  3. Practice – practice makes perfect and this is definitely true when it comes to marketing. So keep practicing, writing and posting as often as you can, and with a carefully managed diary to schedule in the time to create content, you will continue to build the habit and improve your content and results.
  4. Partner – if content or marketing really is not your cup of tea, partner with an expert who can create and even post/distribute the content for you.
  5. Personal Assistant – outsource the research, diary management and even content creation to your team. A good virtual assistant will be able to keep on top of this for your business allowing you to review the content to create more impactful content to drive results and work on the business rather than in it.

There are our top 5 tips to help with content marketing. Still struggling? Time to go on that run, clear your mind and hopefully some good ideas will start to flow.

Hans Solopreneur – Talking the pros and cons, tips and tricks of running a business on your own to building a team

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