How are you spending your time?

Are you building healthy or unhealthy habits? Successful or unsuccessful habits? This is the question I’m pondering as I write this.

This morning as I began my day, I had the usual flurry of emails come in and prioritised reading an email from Why? babypips have provided me some great knowledge and learning on forex training over the past months/year and give great tips to watch out for in their emails – this helps me get in the right frame of mind when it comes to trading and, although I might not learn something new from all their emails, it keeps me up to date with learning and improving at the front of my mind.

This means, I did not start the day:

  • Flicking though holiday deals
  • Checking social media notifications (of which I have none come in anyway!)
  • Reading a sales pitch on the next get rich quick strategy that lead me to a video and an hour long YouTube rabbit-hole

So my question to you is…

What habits are you enforcing that helps your plans and goals?

And which are creeping in by accident that are working against you?

  • Watching inspirational videos is great, unless it stops you doing any work
  • Reading industry research and papers are awesome, unless it is causing ‘analysis-paralysis’
  • Replying to all your emails feels like you’re being busy, unless it stops you from the bigger more valuable pieces of work

So, today is the day you consciously think about what you are doing throughout the day.

Keep a timed journal for a week if you need to.

And start weeding out the bad habits and enforcing new habits, structure and plan ahead your week(s) to come, and start seriously working towards your goals.

Hans Solopreneur – Talking the pros and cons, tips and tricks of running a business on your own to building a team

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