To do, to feel, to be lists

I have just read one of the latest podcast headlines from Tim Ferriss and included within the episode is the importance of “To-Feel” lists (the episode has been added to my backlog of podcasts to catch up on!).

I journal every weekday morning and realised although I’ve never termed it my “To-Feel” list this is effectively what I am doing with one step further, my “To-Be” list.

I started journaling at the beginning of the year and it takes me all of 1 minute as I have made it a very easy process.

Journal Structure

DateTo-Feel To-Be (family related)To-Be (business related)Grateful forGoal Target (running)Goal tracker

How to fill in each column?

  1. Date – pretty self explanatory!
  2. To-Feel – one word on how I’m going to feel approaching tasks/challenges/the day, e.g. powerful, joyful, confident
  3. To-Be (Family) – a couple of words on who am I going to be for my family today, e.g. loving, patient
  4. To-Be (Business) – anther couple of words on who you are going to be at work/in your business today. This can be what you are aiming to be in one area e.g. expert trader, sales machine, marketing master, inspiring leader
  5. Grateful for – what are you grateful for today, e.g. weather, family, food, health
  6. Goal target – if you have a mental block around a target that you never seem to be able to break, then repeatedly writing it down will help you believe you can get there. This could be business or personal, e.g. a daily sales target that you can’t seem to break (£5,001), or a running time you can’t seem to get to (19:59). Whatever the target is, write it down believing you will get there
  7. Goal tracker – just a simple daily tracker on important goals (that you do not see daily tracked elsewhere). For me, business/trading targets are tracked in spreadsheets that I see daily, so my journal goal tracker is fitness related

Starting your day by intentionally writing who you are going to be, what you are going to feel and reminding yourself of key goals you are working towards will help in prioritising and setting your To-Do list for the day.

There is plenty more you can add in your journal and you need to make it work for you as consistency is key.

Are you already a regular journaller? Is there anything else you include?

Or are you ready to give journalling a try?

Let us know in the comments.

Gary LinTicker – Talking business from a gamification point of view and how this can help you, includes Watch of The Day

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