Week 24 #WOTD – Commodities and sponsorships

Top execs were shouting at commodity prices this week…

Commodity prices have come under pressure which resulted in big weekly losses for BHP Group (BHP) down 5.2%, Glencore (GLEN) down 7.3% and Anglo American (AAL) down a whopping 9.2%. Somehow Glencore are still clinging on to their top spot but Lloyds Banking (LLOY) are just 0.2% behind now.

This did not affect oil and gas producers though and Royal Dutch Shell A and B (RDSa & RDSb) both recorded over 2% gains for the week pushing them into the top half of the table.

Diageo (DGE) were the only ones in the top 6 to record a gain this week (17%) thanks to their new sponsorship deal with the NFL and the scrapping of tariffs on Scotch whiskey deal between the UK and US. Full Story

London Stock Exchange (LSE) recorded the biggest gain for the week with 3.6% thanks to the increased movement and fluctuation of all the other FTSE players resulting in more business/trades for LSE.

What can entrepreneurs take from this weeks movements?

  1. When other companies (and competitors) are doing well, what can you do to ‘piggy-back’ on their success?
  2. When other companies (and competitors) are not doing well, what can you do to take advantage of this?
  3. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – to capitalise on the above requires planning and forethought, and to do this you need time to work on your business, fully research opportunities and threats and no your strengths and weaknesses. So… how can you spend more time ON the business rather than IN? (follow Hans Solopreneur blogs for tips on this)

League Table

Now to the all important league table.

PosCompanyWeekYTD Change
2Lloyds Banking-1.6%30.7%
5Anglo American-9.2%17.8%
8Royal Dutch Shell A2.2%11.8%
9Royal Dutch Shell B2.9%11.1%
12Rio Tinto PLC-3.2%8.2%
13National Grid1.2%7.5%
14Vodafone Group PLC-0.7%6.6%
15BHP Group-5.2%6.6%
17British American Tobacco0.5%4.2%
19Reckitt Benckiser-0.5%-1.4%
20London Stock Exchange3.6%-11.2%
Source: https://uk.investing.com/equities/united-kingdom

Who is going to lose it all?

Who is going to recover?

What do you think? Let us know in the comments.

Until next week.


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