Week 27 #WOTD – Debt worries

Bad week for most this week with an average 0.9% loss on values in a week.

BP had it worse with a 4.6% loss, but they retain 3rd position with over 20% year to date gains. This weeks loss was due to the drop in oil prices Full Story

Vodafone (VOD) are now in negative territory, dropping 3.1% in the week, now 2.3% loss for the year and down to 19th in the league. They can thank their India unit that is heavily in debt and has high competition Full Story

National Grid (NG) jumped a couple of spots with a 1.3% gain for the week, but the highest scorer of the week was BHP Group (BHPB) with 2%. Overall minor gains thanks to the increase in iron ore prices etc.

What can entrepreneurs take from this weeks movements?

  1. Do you know your supply and demand levels and risks?
  2. Have you got tight control of your cash flow?
  3. What changes can you make to improve your debt position, cash flow and profitability?

League Table

Now to the all important league table.

PosCompanyWeekYTD Change
2Lloyds Banking-2.2%25.7%
4Anglo American-1.3%20.0%
9BHP Group2.0%14.0%
8Royal Dutch Shell B-1.1%12.4%
7Royal Dutch Shell A-1.8%11.8%
12Rio Tinto PLC0.1%9.0%
14National Grid1.3%8.2%
15British American Tobacco-2.0%2.1%
18Reckitt Benckiser0.8%-1.0%
17Vodafone Group PLC-3.1%-2.3%
20London Stock Exchange-0.1%-12.4%
Source: https://uk.investing.com/equities/united-kingdom

Who is going to lose it all?

Who is going to recover?

What do you think? Let us know in the comments.

Until next week.


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