Shifting to Ecommerce? 5 Ways to Boost Sales

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, many business owners realized that if they wanted their companies to stay afloat, they would need to set up online stores so that customers could continue patronizing them during lockdowns. But during this rapid transition, lots of entrepreneurs were implementing their new ecommerce strategies on the fly, and there was plenty of room for improvement.

However, with the right digital campaign, you can take your ecommerce business to new heights, and these tips will help you boost sales through your online store even as we recover from the pandemic.

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Update Your Payroll System

Choosing multifunctional software programs for your business can help you manage your operations more efficiently, both for your ecommerce side and even for your employees. For instance, you could upgrade to a payroll system that includes an employee time tracking tool to ensure your team is staying on track. This will simplify your employee timesheet system. You could also look for a payroll system that allows for software integration and real-time reporting. Plus, payroll software that is optimized for mobile use makes it possible for you and your employees to input information on the go.

Improve Site Functionality

Did you build an ecommerce shop on the fastest timeline possible to keep sales coming in? If so, it’s time to review the features and functions on your site to target any areas for improvement. Ideally, you want to showcase current sales, upload clear product photos, check that product descriptions are accurate and persuasive and ensure that the design looks consistent across web pages.

Launch a Mobile App

In addition to making sure that it’s easy to browse your website on mobile, you could also consider launching a mobile app so that customers can shop from your store on the go! As more areas lift restrictions, people will begin traveling more frequently and spending more time outside of their homes and away from their desktops. Therefore, releasing a mobile app for smartphone downloads is a wise choice. For a great user experience, Packt recommends implementing horizontal filtering, including clear calls to action, and creating a user-centric search function.

Expand Your Digital Marketing Strategy

To see your business through the recovery phase of the pandemic and bring in more sales through your ecommerce site, you’ll need to focus heavily on your digital marketing strategy. By prioritizing both social media marketing campaigns and email marketing, you’ll be able to reach new followers and convert them into customers while connecting with your long-term customers in their inboxes.

Provide Great Customer Service

Finally, this is the perfect time to think about how you can improve your approach to customer service. Your customers are stressed and overwhelmed, and anything you can do to make their shopping experiences easier will be appreciated!

Make sure that your customers can easily reach you through multiple communication channels, from your own website to your social media profiles, and add a live chat feature to your website so that customers can instantly get assistance with minor issues. And if you haven’t already hired a dedicated customer service representative for your ecommerce store, you can tackle this now. As you make these changes, you can send out customer satisfaction surveys to analyze your customer satisfaction score.

This pandemic forced small business owners to innovate time and time again. If you began focusing on ecommerce because of the pandemic, you can change your approach now for better results in the future. By applying these tips, you can effectively integrate ecommerce into your overall sales strategy for the long run.

For additional information on ways to keep your business up and running, check out other posts from Business SOS, which offer tips on how to save or sell your business, and everything in between.


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