Week 30 #WOTD – Stage Fright in Cup Round 4

Before we get into the winners and losers of Cup Round 4 and who has made it through to the quarter-finals, a quick reminder on the rules and setup of WOTD can be found on our earlier blog HERE

Now on to the results and to find out who swung and missed?

Auto Trader finally run out of fuel (pun intended) and crashed out of the cup to Rio Tinto who beat them comfortably 2.9% gain to a 2% loss.

In the closest tie so far, Pershing Square were narrowly knocked out by Flutter Entertainment -4.36% to -4.35%. Both mistimed poor weeks as the market seems to be thinking they are currently undervalued.

Ashtead Group and JD Sports peaked too early, both hit over 8% gains in the previous round and now both are out. Ashtead with a 5% loss beaten by Avast and JD Sports with a 3.5% loss beaten by Glencore. Both look to be market fluctuation as Ashtead have just bought back shares as planned and JD Sports are part of the retail sector which is experiencing growth.

The highest scorer this round was St James’s Place with a 3.7% gain, knocking out CRH and their 1.2% gain in the process. St James’s Place turning around a loss last year to report a big swing to profits. Full Story

Stage fright crept in for 2 of the games, with all 4 teams barely moving! Prudential beat M&G, 0.1% loss to 0.3% loss, and Whitbread beat Legal & General, 0.3% gain to 0.7% loss.

And the final result and win of the round goes to Spirax-Sarco Engineering beating Halma 2.2% to 1.1%.

What can SMEs take from this weeks movements?

Know the difference between seasonality, over-reactions and corrections when it comes to the value of your business and the value of any investments you are planning.

Fourth Round Scores

Avast -1% vs Ashtead Group -5%
JD Sports Fashion -3.5% vs Glencore 2.6%
Pershing Square -4.4% vs Flutter Entertainment -4.4%
Prudential -0.1% vs M&G -0.3%
Rio Tinto PLC 2.9% vs Auto Trader Group Plc -2%
Spirax-Sarco Engineering 2.2% vs Halma 1.1%
St. James’s Place 3.7% vs CRH 1.2%
Whitbread 0.3% vs Legal & General -0.7%

Quarter Finals – end of August

Avast vs Flutter Entertainment
Rio Tinto PLC vs Glencore
Spirax-Sarco Engineering vs St. James’s Place
Whitbread vs Prudential

Who is going to go all the way?

Let us know in the comments.

Until next week.


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