Week 10 #WOTD – Europe Favouring Vodafone over the London Stock Exchange

Vodafone (ticker VOD) had a stellar week thanks to its holdings in Vantage who plan to IPO and raise over €2 billion. Masts have become prime real estate with an ever growing need and Vantage plan on paying 60% of the recurring income their German masts generate as dividends to investors which should help themContinue reading “Week 10 #WOTD – Europe Favouring Vodafone over the London Stock Exchange”

Hans Solopreneur

Hans Solopreneur bringing the first of, hopefully, many useful blogs on running a business on your own or with a team. First of all, which one are you? Are you Nick Cage, busting it on your own, or Nick Fury, recruiting a team of heroes around you? Lets start with… So you’re going it alone,Continue reading “Hans Solopreneur”

The 5 Ways to Value Your Business

Struggling to work out what the actual value of your business is? What method to use, what figures to include, and what about including the potential? If you’re considering selling up, have considered it, planning to or just straight up interested in what your business is worth, I’ve detailed below the 5 most common methodsContinue reading “The 5 Ways to Value Your Business”

Watch of the Day – Rules & Rationale

Gary LinTicker here and welcome to Watch of the Day, a weekly look at the FTSE 100 movers and shakers, highlighting what’s been hot and not for the companies listed. The Rules Watch of the Day is separated in to two competitions, the league for the top 20 (let’s call it the Premier League), andContinue reading “Watch of the Day – Rules & Rationale”

You must be new here?

If you are new here and scanning through our first few blogs, Welcome. We just wanted to set the scene for this site and why, if you fit the bill, you should be following our blog regularly. We want to talk about, from direct experience; coming up with new business ideas which to follow startingContinue reading “You must be new here?”


Welcome to the beginners guide to selling or saving your business, and everything in between. Whether you are aiming to: sell save your business following difficult times (especially in these Covid times) increase your business value start a new business get creative scale from solo to a team or know you are on the rightContinue reading “Welcome”


Business SOS is here to help business owners, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs and wannabe business creators. We aim to give tips, share experience, provide tools and insights into everything from saving your business from ruin to scaling your business and eventually selling your business (if this is in your grand scheme). Why are we doing this? BecauseContinue reading “Introducing…”