Free Business Valuation Calculator

Building an exit plan?

This free valuation report for small to medium sized businesses gives valuable insights to make better business decisions

What makes our valuation calculator better?

We have included 5 different valuation models within the calculator that can be used to produce an average or highs and lows of your business value along with knowing where and what valuation method potential buyers are starting from.

So the more information provided the more valuable your report will be.

All information provided is kept strictly confidential with Berkshire PE Ltd who will send you your report. Any information used for market analysis is kept strictly anonymously.

What gets measured, gets managed!

Peter Drucker

Don’t want to provide your data?

We get it, you’ve just come across a website, you want your personalised free report but you’re worried about inputting the data. Rest assured, all data is kept on on our systems completely anonymously and used only for improving our industry multipliers and ratios. Still not sure… then why not buy the valuation spreadsheet we use so you can populate and still get the valuation you need.

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