Looking to sell or wondering how to increase the value of your business, get your FREE business valuation report below

Why use our valuation calculator?

  • 5 different valuation methods in one report – giving you more knowledge for negotiation success
  • Full explanations and the exact calculations – so you know what to improve to increase the value
  • And it is completely free!

How much is my business worth?

As the owner and operator of a business – which you’ve put blood, sweat and tears into – you want to know what the overall value for your hard work is.

An accurate and detailed valuation is key, and our free report goes into the details of EBITDA, dividends, assets, staffing, clients and more and how these all can affect the value of your business. For a detailed explanation of the valuation methods, see our ‘Business Valuation’ blog.

So whether you are looking to sell your business soon, or planning an exit in the future, download your free report today and check out our other blogs on ‘Saving Or Selling your business, and everything in between’

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