The 185K Tesla Challenge

Tesla is back on the up after reporting a good quarter of production and deliveries, with almost 185,000 deliveries made! Full Story

185,000 units delivered of any product is an impressive amount, especially within 3 months.

So with my business gamification hat on, my challenge for all the entrepreneurs out there is to set a 185,000 delivery target.

It doesn’t have to be cars!

And it doesn’t have to be done in 3 months.

But set a 185K goal that is a stretch target to aim for.

  • Whether that’s 185,000 minutes of coaching delivered over the next 2 years (averaging out at 30 hours a week)
  • Or 185,000 pens shipped out the door in a year, 6 months or week (depending on how big you are)
  • Or 185,000 words written in a year (which should have you publishing 2-6 books depending on genre)

Whatever your business, whatever the timeline, set your Tesla 185K goal and monitor your progress.

Good luck.

Gary LinTicker – Talking business from a gamification point of view and how this can help you, includes Watch of The Day

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