Week 16 #WOTD – Can’t Score, Won’t Score

Bit of a change this week with 16 companies failing to score growth compared to 2 last week!

AstraZeneca (AZN) pulled in the biggest gain at 3.2% thanks to the US clearing their proposed acquisition of Alexion Pharmaceuticals at the end of last week. Full Story

This is a big step forward in their growth plans and the market responded well, however their gains may have been stunted by the recent announcement that EU may sue over the botched Covid vaccine rollout!

Next was Diageo (DGE) who continue their run of form rising to 5th place in the league – only a month ago they were 11th! This is a company definitely benefiting from the end of lockdown. For analysis see WOTD Week 13

Among the biggest losers for the week (and no prizes for guessing) were Royal Dutch Shell A & B (RDSa & RDSb). Oil prices are again down from last week, however the biggest loss came today after news that New York City have sued them and two other major oil companies in their misrepresentation of ‘cleaner’ fuel and being leaders in climate change. Full Story

And lastly, the biggest loser for the week was British American Tobacco (BATS) due to the US potentially planning to cut nicotine content in cigarettes and ban menthols. Full Story

What can SMEs take from this weeks movements?

  1. If you are a public company, watch your public image – and on a smaller scale, if your business relies on customers from one platform or one group, watch and protect your image in these places.
  2. Planning to expand through acquisition? Ask experts and/or experienced business owners for their views to get an external view and stand on your plan.
  3. Your business value is very much based on the future, not the past, so ensure you’ve updated your SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats).

League Table

Now to the all important league table.

PosCompanyWeekYTD Change
1Anglo American-2.5%28.7%
3Lloyds Banking-3.9%14.6%
6BHP Group-2.1%13.8%
7Rio Tinto PLC0.2%10.9%
9Vodafone Group PLC-1.7%9.9%
12National Grid0.4%4.7%
14Royal Dutch Shell A-4.5%4.0%
15Royal Dutch Shell B-4.5%2.4%
16Reckitt Benckiser0.3%2.2%
17British American Tobacco-6.6%0.1%
20London Stock Exchange0.0%-14.5%
Source: https://uk.investing.com/equities/united-kingdom

Who is going to lose it all?

Who is going to recover?

What do you think? Let us know in the comments.

Until next week.


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